I teach the following courses at Mississippi State University:

  • GR8313 Advanced Cultural Geography
  • GR4990 Digital Geographies
  • GR4203 Geography of North America
  • GR4123 Urban Geography
  • GR2013 Cultural Geography


I currently serve as advisor to a number of graduate and undergraduate students in the Department of Geosciences. My graduate students’ work generally focuses on combining human geography and GIS in order to understand (and challenge) social and spatial inequalities.

Current Students:

Mustafa Monk
M.S. student in Geoscience (Geography), 2018 - present
Topic: Critical GIS analysis of governmental flood risk mapping in Houston, Texas

Hannah Mizell
B.S. student in Geoscience (GIS and Environmental Geoscience), 2019 - present
Topic: Natural disasters and geographies of racial segregation in American cities

Asger Ali
Ph.D. student in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, 2019 - present
Topic: Natural disasters and social inequality

Prospective Students:

I am always looking for bright, motivated students to work with me here at Mississippi State and help us to build our programs in human geography and GIS. If you’re interested in working with me on these (or related) topics, please email me with your CV/resume, a brief statement describing your interests, and a sample of your written/cartographic work.