Recent Publications

More Publications

(2023). Making The Cotton District (White): Urban Renewal, New Urbanism and the Construction of a Nostalgic Neo-Plantationist Pastiche. Annals of the American Association of Geographers 113 (5): 1153-1171.


(2023). How Private Equity Landlords Prey on Working-Class Communities of Color. New Labor Forum, forthcoming.


(2023). Connecting Country and City: The Multiple Geographies of Real Property Ownership in the US. Geography Compass 17 (2): 1-15.


(2022). Situated mapping: visualizing urban inequality between the god trick and strategic positivism. ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies 21 (4): 346-356.



Over the course of my teaching career, I’ve taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate-level courses across both human geography and GIS. At Georgia State, I’ve been responsible for teaching the following courses:

  • GEOG2200 Mapping Our World: Introduction to Geospatial Technologies
  • GEOG4518/GEOS6518 Digital Cartography
  • GEOG4095/GEOL4095/GEOS6095 Colloquium in Geosciences
  • GEOS8030 Seminar in Cartography: Critical Mappings

Starting in the Fall 2023 semester, I’ll also be teaching GEOS8006 Survey of Geographic Thought, a newly-required course for incoming graduate students in our geography MS program.


Prospective Students:

I am always interested in speaking with prospective graduate students for our master’s program at GSU Geosciences. Students working under my supervision generally focus on using GIS methodologies to explore issues in the realm of critical human geography, especially urban social and environmental injustices. I am particularly interested in advising students who want to work on one or more of the following topics:

  • Critical, creative and community-based mapping
  • Housing, land and property ownership
  • Urban environmental justice in Atlanta

If you’re interested in working with me on these (or closely related) topics, please email me with your CV/resume, a brief statement describing your interests, and a sample of your written and/or cartographic work.

Current Students:

Noé Calderon Castro
M.S. in Geography, Georgia State University, 2023-present
B.S. in Environmental Spatial Analysis, University of North Georgia, 2021

Tristan Jumeau
M.S. in Geography, Georgia State University, 2022-present
B.S. in Environmental Geosciences, Georgia State University, 2022

Ryan Pardue
M.S. in Geography, Georgia State University, 2021-present
B.A. in Geography and Economics, University of Tennessee, 2019
Research Interests: Critical mapping, financial inclusion, accessibility, equitable cities

Past Students:

Carys Behnke
M.S. in Geography, Georgia State University, 2022
B.S./B.A. in Geography, University of Georgia, 2020
Thesis: Blocking Out the Sun: Restricting Rooftop Solar in Atlanta, Georgia

Campbell Casseb
M.S. in Geography, Georgia State University, 2022
B.S. in Forestry, University of Tennessee, 2017
Capstone: Modern Extent and Impacts of Atlanta’s Suburban Forest Conversion into Primarily Residential Land Use

Marissa Fallico
M.I.S. in Urban Studies, Georgia State University, 2022
B.A. in Environmental Studies, Northeastern University, 2019
Capstone: Examining the Financialization of Farmland in Frederick County, Maryland

Mustafa Monk
M.S. in Geography, Mississippi State University, 2020
B.A. in Geography, University of Texas-Austin, 2017
Thesis: Evaluating the unequal impacts of Hurricane Harvey: Critical GIS analysis in systems of governmental risk assessment and mitigation in Houston, Texas

Hannah Mizell
B.S. in GIS and Environmental Geoscience, Mississippi State University, 2020

Brandon North
M.S. in Geography, Georgia State University, 2022
B.S. in Geology, University of Georgia, 2013
Capstone: The Cost of Green Infrastructure and the Price Residents Pay

Laurel Sparks
B.S. in Environmental Geosciences, Georgia State University, 2022