At Georgia State, I’ll be teaching the following courses in the coming year:

  • GEOG4518 / GEOS6518 Digital Cartography
  • GEOS8030 Seminar in Cartography: Critical Mappings

In my previous position at Mississippi State University, I was responsible for teaching the following courses:

  • GR2013 Human Geography
  • GR4123/6123 Urban Geography
  • GR4203/6203 Geography of North America
  • GR4990/6990 Urban Environments
  • GR4990/6990 Digital Geographies
  • GR8313 Advanced Human Geography


Prospective Students:

I am currently recruiting two M.S. students for fully-funded assistantships to work under my supervision here at the Department of Geosciences at Georgia State, beginning in either the Spring or Fall of 2021. One assistantship is a full-time research assistantship, while the other is split evenly between a research and teaching assistantship. I am particularly interested in recruiting students who wish to work across the boundaries of critical human geography and GIS, using mapping as a way of thinking about and addressing urban social and environmental inequalities. If you’re interested in working with me on these (or related) topics, please email me with your CV/resume, a brief statement describing your interests, and a sample of your written/cartographic work.

Past Students:

Mustafa Monk
M.S. in Geoscience (Geography), Mississippi State University, graduated 2020
Thesis: Evaluating the unequal impacts of Hurricane Harvey: Critical GIS analysis in systems of governmental risk assessment and mitigation in Houston, Texas

Hannah Mizell
B.S. in Geoscience (GIS and Environmental Geoscience), Mississippi State University, graduated 2020
Topic: Post-disaster housing speculation in Houston, Texas